Nyko Modular Power Station Xbox One Review

Have you ever felt the need for an additional pair of batteries while engrossed into your game? Just like any other player you may have ignored the warnings of low battery and that may have cost you a serious loss in your game. This is exactly where a product like Xbox One Nyko Modular Power Station comes in handy. They have two sets of batteries for you, which means now you can play interruptedly on your console. Did you ever think of a console modular that would actually dwell on this problem? In case, you haven’t Nyko at least did and the result is right out there.

Nyko Modular Power Station Xbox One Review

Compact design

Yes, indeed as an honest Nyko Modular Power Station Xbox One review it has to be stated that this station has a compact design. There are no chords to the visible eye as it seamlessly fits into your console. It works with a USB port that explains the no wire thing and it holds plugs and batteries altogether. So this is more like a “plug and play” in reality that you can make the most of.

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Batteries in real

Finally, we have reached the much talked about part that certainly cannot be overlooked in this Nyko Modular Power Station (Xbox One) review. The batteries last long, something around 8-10 hours each but that again depends on your gaming as well. The reason you get two batteries is to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience and this product has certainly lived up to that expectation. You can interchange the batteries and use them as per your requirement without having to lose that intense combat.


The Modular Power Station by Nyko is an incredible device because of the no wiring. It can be directly plugged into the console which makes more sense and lends your console a neat look. There are indicators that charging is on but these are kept hidden that do not make it look hideous. It is reasonably priced and if you are lucky enough you can get discounts on this power station at various online retailers. Some say that it is a perfect match for Xbox One with the contouring and designing. To be precise, this is a handy power station that performs as it promises and an avid gamer would not want anything more than this.


No doubts this section would make the NYKO Xbox One Power Station Review complete. As they say, you cannot make everyone happy is very true and you can see a live example of that in this part. People complain about having to use pressure to take out the batteries, is made out of plastic and some have even complained about the black color! Come on like what do you expect for something under $30? Yes, the only valid complaint that you can register against this is the batteries are valued at 1000mAh in comparison to 1400mAh of Microsoft. However, you need to remember that you get two batteries for support from Nyko. Another fact would be that it adds up a little weight to your Xbox One. Other than this it is good to go product that only people who buy it can experience.

The verdict

By far this is the coolest console modular that you can come across without a doubt. The fact that this company has assembled something so practical like the Nyko Modular Power Station makes it an awesome product. Bid goodbye to the swapping of batteries and losing an intense game forever. Moreover, it is a trendy gadget and can become an object to brag about among your peers for its clean layout for sure. Why don’t you buy your Nyko today?

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