The Reasons Why We Love Xbox Live Gold Membership

Did you ever think of doing gifting something different to someone you love? If yes then consider gifting a digital gift card to your loved ones. That is correct if you are thinking about someone who makes it difficult to choose a gift then you may consider gifting a Xbox live gold membership that has tremendous value. We have tried to compile a list of 3 of the most popular types of gift cards that you can choose from.

The Reasons Why We Love Xbox Live Gold Membership

Top 3 xbox live gold membership best price 2016

If you are thinking about entertainment in one whole package then you should give these cards a go. They are available at various price ranges and you can choose from an assortment of tenures that may fit your bill. What more can you get is unlimited playing games with friends from across the world. Here are the 3 of the Xbox live gold membership best options that you select from:

1. Microsoft Xbox LIVE 24 Month Gold Membership (2 Pack Bundle)

[img_products img_code=”412%2B3K87bmL” alt=”Microsoft Xbox LIVE 24 Month Gold Membership (2 Pack Bundle) Review‎” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00TR9YXN0″ reviews=”13+”]

This is a popular choice of(choice of or choice for ?) many and this is suitable for those who really like to get value in return of their investment. This is a unique card that helps you get discounts and deal of the week at a touch. You can also access the latest web content on Xbox gaming with this card. If you are thinking that is it, then it is not the end as you get a hoard of other services like:


  • Inviting friends from all round the world to play with you
  • You can also manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts with this
  • Stay updated with recent most news about Xbox games
  • You can even message, chat and video chat with your friends with the help of this card
  • Select players you would want to play with


Although a few complains in regards to the product only make it genuine. This is because it is difficult to come across a product that can satisfy all. Hence, some people have the complaint about the cards not functioning properly get the refunds faster.

This indeed is one of those rare services that are hard to find because of the value they hold. Any Microsoft product is valuable but it is true that no one expects a gaming product to offer so much besides gaming. This is certainly a product that was designed with excellence and it serves the purpose just right. So enjoy it for 2 long years at your service over wracking your brains about how to get free Xbox live gold!
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2. Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card plus 1 Month Bonus

[img_products img_code=”41PjjtQ54mL” alt=”Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card plus 1 Month Bonus Review‎” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B000B9RI00″ reviews=”417+”]

This is a seamless Xbox live gold membership that brings competition and gaming all converging at one place. It is all about providing users with an incredible user experience with some intelligent features. You may not have given this a thought but yes online gaming can go beyond just gaming by sharing exceptional aspects like tournaments, leagues, matchmaking and ladders.


  • You can expect to get a feature rich gaming experience
  • Get improved friend list
  • Anticipate to get exclusive gaming news and access
  • More choice of entertainment
  • Ground-breaking TrueSkillTM matchmaking
  • Lead your social network by synchronizing your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Provisions of video chat with friends


Some people have complained about getting half written codes and this usually happens because they scratch the card very hard. Otherwise there is nothing much to worry about for sure.

Besides all this it has to be mentioned that this Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card can be renewed at your own pace after using it for 12 months. This means there is no hurry and rest assured you will not get frantic calls from the manufacturer asking you to renew the subscription.
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3. Xbox Live 12+1 Month Gold Membership Card

[img_products img_code=”81QELauM9bL” alt=”Xbox Live 12+1 Month Gold Membership Card” star_class=”star-5″ code=”B00K00NCXW” reviews=”231+”]
Now this one is the most popular of the lost because it is affordable yet has the same value like the other cards. At times, you can seek answers for(answers for or answers to ?) your queries in the Xbox live free trial codes that may help you take a call. Nonetheless you have a deal breaker in this Xbox Live 12+1 Month plan because:


  • Expect to get unlimited gaming
  • Weekly updates about the exclusive gaming news
  • Boundless entertainment facilities
  • Quick support
  • Multiplayer gaming that makes the experience worth


Some people are unhappy with the extra 1 month access as they prefer not to play. If complaints like these would start to make a difference, then Microsoft would have stopped designing these cards.
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Thankfully they have not which is why a lot of gamers can make the most of these cards for sure. This is a good card to invest in because its asking price is not too high yet it offers facilities that an avid may find hard to resist.

If used properly a Xbox live gold membership can prove to be a great treat. Hands down it is a really good product if you know how to put it to use. What are thinking about? Why not try it out and then be the judge?

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