Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Gaming Headset Review

The eSports market has grown in leaps and bounds and contributors like Turtle Beach have added to its success. Needless to say that this company is a market leader that has won multiple awards for designing successful products for quite some time. This is why we have chosen a product by this company and preferred to provide a detailed Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Review over an array of others.

Classy design

Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Gaming Headset Review
Turtle Beach Gaming Headset Review

One thing that needs to be very clearly mentioned in favor of the Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Premium Gaming Headset is that it has a neat design. The elegant soft black color in matte finish lends it an elegant look with a neon green colored threading around it. Aesthetically speaking this neon thread breaks the monotony of the matte black making it look lively. In addition to this it must be added that the ear cups are rotatable and very snug on the ears. Moreover, this is an easy to store headset which adds to its popularity beyond expectations.

Sound Quality

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Mention has to be made about this being a wireless headset to the console but has some useful cables to assist you further. It has a 3.5mm jack which can be used with other devices and it is adapter plug fits into all the controller of Xbox One perfectly well. As they call it the “Superhuman Hearing” gadget which means it provides you with minute sounds like audio cues like reloading of weapons and clear footsteps. This is supported by 50mm Neodymium speakers of premium quality. Added to this superb mix is a microphone that can be used to listen to your own voice while playing and can be adjusted as per your choice. Turtle has named this entire segment as the “Turtle Beach Audio Advantage” program that ensures high quality sound that adds to your gaming experience.


There are a few things that need special mention in a Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Review like:

  • Good looking headset
  • Mic monitoring system ensuring no more shouting
  • Chat volume controls
  • Has mic presets that come with bass booster, natural sound, vocal booster and treble booster
  • It also has noise levels to control from normal, quiet to loud
  • Superhuman Hearing Mode that identifies minutest of the sounds
  • Comfortable to wear for longer playing
  • Reasonably priced


Some users have complained about the ear pads to be coming off on prolonged use. Well this is something that you can blame on handling as you need to know how to take care of a sophisticated device like a headset. Another thing that needs to be made clear is not to fall for cheap Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Superhuman Hearing because a lot of people have fallen prey to that and have a lot of horror stories to share. So it is highly advisable that you buy it from a reputed online merchant that you know is an established one and will never cheat on you. That being said we can say all products have their own set of flaws and this one is no exception to it, but in this case the complaints are lesser.

A Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Review should not go without explaining this basic fact that it is a reasonable headset. Its most remarkable attribute is that it syncs seamlessly with Xbox One makes it an on demand product. This is one of the coolest gadgets that has looks and performs to its core. Without a doubt this can raise your game to another level that you will not like to miss out on.
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