Xbox 360 Repair – Getting the 3 Red Light Error?

Hi there, my name is Tim.

If your an xbox 360 gamer like me you know exactly what I am talking about when I refer to the 3 red light error or the red ring of death. Ahh! Well I had heard of this happening to people but never thought it would happen to me. I didn’t realize how frustrating it would be to get it fixed, until I realized Microsoft take months to send back your xbox. Also they charge a ridiculous fee to get it serviced. Through my research I also found out that many people sent their xbox 360 away and received it back only to find out a week later the rrod came back.

So I knew this was not a good option. Anyway going without my xbox 360 for over a month was out of the question. I did some research online and found a really cool website that shows you how to do what Microsoft do to fix your xbox. I was stunned at how easy it was. Everything is done by video step by step in an easy to understand fashion.

Xbox 360 Repair – Getting the 3 Red Light Error?

The quality of the videos was excellent.  So you may be wondering how good this xbox 360 repair guide and videos are, well its really amazing. In the past the only way it was possible to fix xbox 360 was to send it away and even then theres no guarantee how long it will be fixed for.  By watching the videos you can fix the red ring of death once and for all.

Get this, my cousin’s xbox experienced the xbox 360 3 red lights. Guess who stepped in and saved the! My uncle gave me $50 for saving him the headache and the cost. Well, this sparked an idea in my head. If my uncle was willing to hand over 50 bucks for 10 minutes of work, how many other people would be willing to do this?  So I crafted a craigslist advertisement and offered a service. At first I didn’t really think too many people would take me up on the offer. I was charging $50 for fixing their xbox. I posted the ad on a Sunday afternoon and when I checked my email the next day I was amazed that 4 people had emailed me looking for me to fix their xbox. I know it wasn’t that many but that resulted in $200 for altogether half an hours work. I still have the ad up and receive emails daily from it. This is a major frustration for people, like I know first hand.

I highly recommend the xbox 360 repair guide to anyone. It really has saved me a lot of money and of course time.

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