Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death is a common occurrence in the world of electronics that eventually our gadgets suffer failures one way or another. Whether it’s from user error, such as dropping the device, using it incorrectly or mishandling it. These are more common than one would think, though caution seems to be proportionate to the price tag of the gadget. However, outside of user error there are other reasons that hardware might fail. Whether it’s a power surge and the gadget is unprotected or if the components within the device are of low quality or simply worn out. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft has experienced it is own share of hardware failures that have made it somewhat of a system renowned for such problems. The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death is the most famous, named because of the three red flashing lights that appear when the error occurs. Continue reading Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Xbox 360 Repair – Getting the 3 Red Light Error?

Hi there, my name is Tim.

If your an xbox 360 gamer like me you know exactly what I am talking about when I refer to the 3 red light error or the red ring of death. Ahh! Well I had heard of this happening to people but never thought it would happen to me. I didn’t realize how frustrating it would be to get it fixed, until I realized Microsoft take months to send back your xbox. Also they charge a ridiculous fee to get it serviced. Through my research I also found out that many people sent their xbox 360 away and received it back only to find out a week later the rrod came back. Continue reading Xbox 360 Repair – Getting the 3 Red Light Error?