Best Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card 2016 Review

Are you looking to buy a Xbox Live Cards Online and don’t know where to buy Xbox live gold membership cards and how much is an xbox live gold membership for a year? Then this review is for you!

Xbox Live 12-month Gold membership card allows you enjoy the benefit of cheap Xbox Live Codes for a year. The product has left its mark in the market in the last year. You can use it to play online games and stream contents all throughout the year at just $53.92. Amazon brings down the price from $56.49 so that you can save 6%. It allows you to enjoy the superb features of the Xbox Live exclusively for a year at an affordable rate.

It surpasses the one-month and three –month membership cards since it does not require a frequent re-filling like them and also since it allows one to save more money.
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Gamers are frequently using Xbox Live, the new online service for Xbox 360 console helps in playing online games and needs cheap Xbox Live Codes. It can be used for streaming content like movies, TV shows, music and sports. With Xbox live 12 month sale, you get the golden opportunity to be in the superior gaming community of the world. You get a chance to play in the multiplayer network along with your friends. You can get exclusive discounts and free games as well. Enjoy a discount of 50-75% on all the games available in the Xbox store and $700 on discount annually. There are thousands of players waiting to play for you and a lot of games to play. So, don’t think twice before going for Xbox live 12-month sale.

It is economical features and benefits set it apart from the rest.
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Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card Product Description:-

The membership card can be used to:-

  • Play Online Games:- You can play online Kinect and other online games with your friends irrespective of their location. Kinect allows you to become the controller. It also lets you control HD movies, videos, games and sports with the help of your voice. It is a line of motion software. Its features give it an edge over the other motion controllers available today.  There is no limit to the variety of games that you can play. Also, you can play in any style you want to.
  • It is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360: – Xbox 360 is a home video game console, the second one in the Xbox series, after original Xbox. It has a Power-based CPU and a triple-core processor. It has been a decade that this one has been in the market.
  • Xbox one is the successor of Xbox Live and has been in the market for the last one year. It has an eight-core CPU. It has a better efficiency than Xbox 360 and more clock speed and the number of cores.

The features are:-

  • Anyone at your home can access the live gold benefits of Xbox Gold using the Xbox live 12month sale membership card.
  • Also, It is very easy to download latest demos using Xbox Live. For this, it is a must to be online. You need to go to “Xbox 360 Dashboard”, then Game Marketplace, choose your game demo and then start downloading it. After the completion of the download process, the Xbox button in the controller must be pressed. Next, go to quick launch and press the right button on the d-pad. Choose the demo you want to go for and press A.
  • You can freely access the apps like Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Crackle, Machinima and YouTube on TV or download the latest trailers using Xbox Live.
  • There are a lot of games available in the Xbox live arcade which you can download using Xbox Live.
  • Using the Autokey system, you can receive the CJS CD Keys displays all their original products and even the Xbox Live Gold Codes instantly.
  • It is as simple as e-mail delivery, the only difference being that it is much more safe and secure. There is a system called live stock tracker which automatically displays the code available in the collection. If the product is available in the stock, you will receive it online, instantly. An Xbox Live Code should be unique and fresh and bought from the top entertainment distributors.

Xbox live 12 month sale is available in Windows 8, Windows Phone, and innovative Xbox SmartGlass Technology. It is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Best Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card 2016 Review
With Xbox live 12month sale, you can get Xbox Live Codes and can play Kinect with Xbox One and Xbox 360 live. Xbox Live allows you to get an innovative and splendid world with your friends. You can participate in games which require you to think fast and build a fast flex. In case of both competitive and co-operative games on the console, Xbox Live helps in adding a new dimension to the game.
For enjoying Free Xbox Live Gold Codes, Xbox Live 12 month Gold membership card is one of the best options.

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