Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Review

The Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Review

If one loves to play games on their Xbox, having the best Xbox 360 gold membership, which is the Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership is a wonderful way to get into heart-pounding matches with opponents around the world! For many, the Xbox holds the key to the universe of serious gaming. The intense battles between alien planets, the super high octane speeds, and the post-apocalyptic terror promise a thrilling edge-of-your-seat action. However, the new gold subscription makes all experience pale out and takes the game to another plane with endless and out of the world entertainment experience.

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The Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership card is nothing but a subscription as well as a gift card with instant delivery over email to customers located in the United States. With 12 months subscription length, it is the passport to the world’s premier gaming community of Microsoft. It opens the world of endless entertainment possibilities. Some of them are.

Unlimited Online premier multiplayer gaming

Once you purchase the subscription, you will receive an email with the Xbox Live Code. This needs to be fed in the revealed Xbox gold codes into your Xbox 360 dashboard. The online multiplayer option is perhaps the deciding factor that attracts serious gamers to gold subscriptions and becomes addicted to it. It opens a virtual world of unlimited opponents to compete in high adrenaline matches requiring all your quick thinking abilities and fast reflexes.

Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Review

Some of the biggest games like Call of Duty, TitanFall, Halo, Destiny, etc. can be played with a single competitor or multiple opponents. To add to the fun quotient, one can get the buddies teamed up in one room or from various homes and compete against virtual teams around the globe and play a thrilling test of skills and nerve in a no-limit test of superiority. Since the network is powered by thousands of servers, performance is maximized and the lag reduced to minimal.

Moreover, it features a unique player-powered reputation system, which gives any player the control to choose their opponents. This helps one derive maximum out of a game by eliminating cheaters and leading to a more meaningful and thrilling multiplayer experience.

Free games every month

Apart from online multi-players, the other distinguishing feature is the free games offered every month worth up to $700 a year. Through the subscription, a minimum of one game is offered each month. What really is the icing on the cake is that there is an array of games, and the player can choose one or more free game as had been fixed by Microsoft for that month. Even though these are old games, they are often good and thrilling but were still overlooked when launched into the market. However, one must remain cautious that the quality of free games offered does vary.

Attractive and lucrative game discounts

Microsoft makes each of the Xbox 12 Month Live Gold membership subscribers feel special and cherished by offering them lucrative discounts on select games each week for a year. These discounts are termed as ‘deals with gold’. Once a while, the discount is extremely attractive and can go as high as 75% of the normal price of a particular game. The flip side of it is that it can only be purchased digitally, making it quite an inconvenience and even useless for gamers who love to have their games on disks. However, the savings are quite noteworthy.

Easy access to content including free game demos

The subscription is built in such a way that it will be compatible with all future games released by Microsoft under gold titles. It allows a free demo of latest and previously released games so that one can well understand and what his appetite for it before actual purchase.


The subscription keeps varying in price but the cheapest Xbox 12 Month Live Gold Membership is definitely available online, with Amazon offering one of the best deals. With constant automatic updates happening in the background and the gaming experience becoming mobile and social media friendly, it is paradise of thrill and entertainment for diehard gamers. With an online average rating of 4.4/5, it is truly the best Xbox 360 gold membership that you can purchase. It does not hurt to point out that without the subscription; the Xbox is nothing more than a play-station. With the variety of games offered and the fabulous discounts enjoyed under the subscription, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase for serious entertainment.

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