Reasons for Car Insurance Claim Denial

You give your car insurance company your complete trust when you pay your premium in full or make your monthly payments. The expectation is that they will abide by the terms presented within the policy just as you abide by those terms as a paying customer. If you ever have to file a claim due to an accident or damage to your vehicle, you may get the shock of a lifetime: the insurance company refuses to pay for damages.

This is an intimidating situation for most consumers because the insurance company seems to have all the power. For instance, they have access to expert legal representation before the denial is even issued. You can hire your own legal representation and appeal, but the best course of action is to avoid this situation.

You do this by thoroughly studying the terms of your policy. When you know what you must do to remain in good standing and have a solid understanding of what the policy covers, you can make wise decisions as a policyholder. Keep reading to learn more about some of the biggest reasons claims are denied.

Coverage Lapse

If you pay your insurance premium in full, you must make sure your renewal payment and documentation is submitted before your current policy expires. If you pay in installments, you’re responsible for ensuring that each payment is submitted on time. If you fail to make payment in either case, the insurance company can cancel your policy. If you’re involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged before you secure a new policy or reinstate the canceled policy, the insurance company will likely deny your claim.

Mistakes Do Happen

There are some cases where an insurance company mistakenly denies a claim on the premise that the vehicle or driver was uninsured at the time of the claimed incident. This may result from human error or information that is incorrect within the company’s system. You can appeal the decision in this case, and the mistake is often corrected after you present evidence proving that you were covered.

Material Misrepresentation

Most auto insurance policies include a clause which states that the policy is only valid if the insured provides complete and accurate information to the insurance company. This is stated in more complicated language that you may not understand, but the term “material misrepresentation” will catch your eye in the denial notification.

If this is mentioned in a claim denial, it means that the insurance company is alleging that you failed to provide required information to them, lied about information when you applied for the policy or failed to update information. They should reveal what information is in question when issuing the denial, and you can collect evidence and appeal if you disagree with their decision.

This reason for denial is often given when a driver modifies their vehicle without reporting the changes to the insurance company. Something as simple as changing the tires is often enough for an insurance company to claim a modification occurred, especially if you upgrade to high-performance tires.

In some cases, insurance companies can deny a claim simply because you failed to update your address after moving or failed to inform them of other drivers living in your household. This is why it’s important to answer all questions honestly when applying for insurance and to update your contact information whenever necessary.

Coverage Exclusions

This is a term that insurance companies use when the claim includes damages that aren’t covered by the policy. It is most commonly used in relation to liability policies which don’t include damages sustained by the insured party. Liability insurance will only cover damages that the insured causes to another driver’s vehicle or physical body, so the company will deny any claim related to the insured driver’s vehicle or medical bills.

If you have comprehensive coverage without collision, then you may also run into a coverage exclusion denial if your vehicle is damaged during a collision. This can catch some drivers off guard if they don’t understand the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage.

This is also a hot topic now that many drivers are working for rideshare companies like Uber. Many insurance policies exclude coverage when the driver is transporting a passenger for payment. This is considered a for-hire exclusion, and many rideshare services are now offering their own insurance policies to cover drivers while operating their vehicle for pay.

These are the easiest type of denials to avoid. Knowing the terms of your policy will help you decide whether you have the right to file a claim in a variety of situations.

Coverage Exclusions vs. Limitations

You may file a claim for damages that you know are covered by your policy, but you must also consider how much coverage you have through the policy. When the damages exceed the dollar value of your coverage, then the insurance company may agree to pay only part of your claim. You remain financially liable for the remaining balance.

For instance, let’s say you have full coverage, but your policy is capped at $100,000 for damages to another driver’s vehicle. If you cause an accident and total a vehicle worth $150,000, the insurance company is only responsible for paying out $100,000. The other driver may then sue you for the remaining $50,000.

Fraud & Unlawful Acts

If the insurance company decides that your claim is a result of a criminal act or that it is an act of fraud, they can legally deny the claim. This may occur if you wreck your vehicle while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and they can find out about that through the police report. If the company has reason to believe that you intentionally damaged your vehicle or allowed someone else to steal it in order to file the insurance claim, you may have to hire a lawyer and fight the accusations in court.

Read & Compare

Now that you know some of the reasons your auto insurance claim can receive a denial, go read your policy. Update any information that has changed since you last spoke to your insurance agent. If you’re unsatisfied with the terms of your policy, compare quotes from other companies online. You may find that another company will offer better terms if you’re interested in modifying your vehicle or making other changes that may interfere with your current policy.

The Insanely Cheap Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership

Gamers are passionate about the game, right? No, passion cannot explain what players feel towards a new release. Nothing explains spending 15 hours on the couch with your hands glued on the console without realizing that you spent that much time manning you imaginary territory. The anticipation, the expectations, the suspense, online chats with strangers who are just as frustrated by the wait as you are. It is a community, a community of strangers who come together to share their secrets to help a fellow gamer move on to the next level. I think players could teach the world a thing or two about cohesion. Continue reading The Insanely Cheap Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership

How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold

For all you video game enthusiasts that are having a time of their life playing Xbox games, the term Xbox is very identifiable. But for the non-video clip game connoisseurs Xbox is a sixth generation computer game console made by Microsoft which has produced a wonderful euphoria in the video clip games market. As a successor to the Xbox, came the Xbox 360, with a host of remarkable functions coupled with it, which have added to the accomplishment this product has accomplished on the market today. Continue reading How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold

Getting Xbox Live Gold Codes

So you’ve got an Xbox and you’d like to know how to get free Xbox live gold codes; you’ve come to the right place – you’ll have the information you need here.

The Xbox Live and the Xbox Live Gold

Ever since the Xbox live was introduced, it has been a preferred method of playing the Xbox.

If you are not into any memberships or subscription service, then what you have is Xbox Live Free. The free service isn’t really bad, but if you really want to be capable of doing a lot for your Xbox, then it’s best that you go for the paid service also known as Xbox Live Gold.

Getting Xbox Live Gold Codes - How To Get Free and No Surveys

As an Xbox live player, one of your main priorities is to get free Xbox live codes. This is because these codes can help you play a lot of games and even access various features.

An Xbox Live Gold membership can be obtained from your Xbox, but of course, you can look around for codes. The thing is, these codes can get a bit costly, and hence, players find ways to obtain these codes for free.

Having the codes for your Xbox can be rewarding and enjoyable. Not only can you play games with your friends, but you can also end up healthier. How?

Read on to know more about Xbox Live Gold codes.

Having the Xbox Live Gold Membership

If you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, the best way to make the most of it is to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription service. Its main features include having game discounts, free games monthly, and online multiplayer capabilities.

The Xbox is a console that boasts of high quality and great graphical performance, and so, the Xbox has become a preferred console for games. However, it’s more than just a gaming console; you can use the Xbox to watch live TV, videos and listen to music.

To take advantage of those features, you need to enter codes into your console. Again, the codes can be quite costly, so go for free Xbox live codes instead.

Once you’ve been given the codes to use, you can enter them directly in your console. It will then be deleted from the system and will become invalid. It can no longer be used by anyone else, it’s a one-time code that allows you to maximize the perks given by the Xbox live code.

Why Go for Xbox Live Gold

Why should you go for Xbox live gold amidst the many game consoles and memberships available out there?

Why Go for Xbox Live Gold

Here are some perks you can get out of your membership:

  • Online Multiplayer

Gamers often go for Xbox live gold because of the online multiplayer feature. This feature allows you to play with friends online wherever they are. As long as you have Xbox Live gold subscriptions, you can take advantage of this feature.

It’s a main feature if you’re playing multiplayer titles such as Halo, Destiny, TitanFall, Call of Duty, and a lot more.

Going online to play these games isn’t a need, but will provide a better experience if done so. With the online multiplayer mode, you’ll get involved in great gaming communities that will make your game enjoyable. You can even join competitions and win prizes. That’s why online gaming becomes an enjoyable venture.

  • Game Discounts

Microsoft offers various games weekly to subscribers at a discounted rate; the games offered are referred to as “Deals with Gold”.

Sometimes, the games are offered with as much as 75% discounts, but the games are bought digitally and not in disk form.

Aside from providing discounts, those who have free Xbox live gold codes can also gain access to betas and game trials. Want to try something out but afraid you won’t like it? Then go for the demos and betas available to see how it goes.

The good thing about the demo service is that by the time your demo is over, you would have decided whether you like the game or not. You’re luckier if you have the game included in the Games for Gold category; you might even be able to download the game for free.

Glitches are also lessened; if ever you see any glitches, you have better access to fixes that will work against the glitches. You can even apply the modifications that will make the games better.

  • Exercise Videos and Trainer-Led Workouts

If you spent most of your time sitting because of these games that engross you no end, then this feature could help you compensate for all those “couch potato” moments. Xbox Fitness will give you access to trainer-led routines, workout videos and other exercise activities that you can do at the comfort of your home.

Turns out that having free Xbox live codes can make you healthier – you’d get access to aerobic and cardio exercises led by trainers. It’ll feel like a legitimate exercise activity; you would get real-time feedback regarding your heart rate, performance, and activity level. You’d be advised when you need to work harder or to cool down.

To make the most of these features, you have to have free Xbox live codes.

  • Games, games and more games

When you sign up for Xbox Live Gold, you’ll get games for your console for free. Once the games are “bought” and downloaded, they’re yours forever, and they’re there for your other consoles.

Your older consoles can join in the fun too; they also gain access to free games, on which the games can be stored and played on as well.

You may not like all the games offered to you, but every now and then, you’d encounter games that you feel are worth downloading. The games are stored in the console’s dashboard, ready to be played anytime. And the free games available mean there’s always a new game that you can look forward to.

“What Games Can I Get?”

By having codes for Xbox live, you’ll have access to Games with Gold. What games can you get for free?

Some of the games that were made available recently include the following:

  • Sherlock Homes: Crimes and Punishments
  • Lords of the Fallen
  • Styx: Master of Shadows
  • Borderlands
  • Supreme Commander 2

Past games available for download include the following:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Tomb Raider
  • Rayman Legends
  • Viva Piñata
  • Terraria
  • Killer Instinct

…and many more.

Are you familiar with those games? If you were into Xbox Live Gold, then you would have been able to download those games for free or with huge discounts.

Xbox One also has backwards compatibility, so you can also play Xbox 360 games in there without having a lot of difficulty.

Not into Xbox Live Gold yet? Then it’s not yet too late. You can still obtain the codes and join in the fun.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold

How do you get those codes and have them working?

First, you have to set up your Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Afterwards, you can set up your Microsoft account. You’ll have a single gamer tag that’s associated with the account, and it’ll be associated with the code that you entered for the subscription service.


Usually you’re given the first month free, and you’re also given a trial membership. You can use the 30-day trial subscription to have a feel of the experience. The trial subscription is of course free of charge, and this allows you to see how things work before getting involved in something longer.

It’s no longer surprising that you will enjoy the experience and would want it more than 30 days. But what if you’ve used them all up, and you’d like to go on with the service? Then that’s when the free Xbox live gold codes come to the rescue.

Make sure you’d be getting codes from reliable sites so that you can be sure that they’d work. Get the right codes online for free; they’re instant, so you’d have them working immediately once you have them entered in your console.

Why Free Codes?

The obvious reason would be because it doesn’t cost you anything. Why pay if you can get the codes for free, right? It’ll be nice to cross out Xbox codes on your list and not pay for anything.

Going for free codes means less risks, only if you’re sure of the legitimacy of the site you’re getting the codes from, plus if the codes are working.

Sites such as are legitimate and will definitely give you the codes you need for your Xbox.

The database that contains free codes are frequently being updated, and so, you always have access to working codes that you can use for your console. You can then go on playing until you yourself grow weary of playing… but do you think will that ever happen?

With the codes, you will improve your game and get to interact with your fellow gamers. You’ll enjoy different games and have the choice to download more through the free codes given to you.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes (No Surveys)

There are sites that provide free Xbox live gold codes but require you to fill out surveys prior to handing out those codes. Understandably, some no longer go for those sites because they can be quite inconvenient.

Don’t lose hope, though. There are other sites where you can get Xbox live codes without having to go through all that hassle. All you need to do is to enter a few codes, and you’re good.


There are free Xbox live gold codes that are valid for 1, 3 or 12 months. These codes allow you to make the most out of your Xbox and enjoy gaming as much as you can.

Xbox live gold codes can also be given as giveaways and given to gamers for free. They’re also available online at different sites and generated though code generators. There are times when there are no codes available, although it’s very rare; you could have asked when the database systems are being updated.

Most of the time, no downloads are required, and that you only need to do a few clicks to get to the code and enter it in your Xbox. Some simply ask you to play games, watch videos or sign up for different newsletters to get the code for your Xbox.

Where to Buy Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes 2016

There are different ways on how to get free Xbox live gold codes.

You can check out sites that offer the Xbox live gold codes for free. Most of these sites are credible and indeed give the codes out without any costs involved, but of course, you have to be careful to prevent any problems from taking place.

Problems possibly arising include spammers who make you download a lot of stuff in exchange of a few codes, but end up not giving you anything.


You can also ask friends who also play the Xbox; perhaps they can refer you to sites that give out free Xbox live gold codes.

While there are sites that provide ways on how to get more benefits or further discounts, there are other sites that have hidden charges that only make it seem like you’re saving when you get their codes, but are actually costing you more. So again, be careful.

Go for a 12-month Subscription

As previously mentioned, you can choose among 1, 3 and 12 month subscriptions. Sure, you can go for the 1-month and 3-month subscriptions, but it’ll be best to go for the codes that’ll give you the Gold membership for a full year. After all, they’re all free of charge, so why not go for the one with the longest duration, right?

A 12-month subscription is ideal because it will save you time and energy. Once you enter the codes, you’re able to take advantage of the subscription for an entire year, so you don’t have to worry about it for a long time. You get to enjoy all the perks and make the most out of the benefits for the complete 12 months.

With a 12-month subscription, you can also link 4 Xbox consoles at once. If you’d want to play them all at the same time, then you could. You can play all the Xbox consoles and play with other gamers to maximize the gaming experience.

Are the Codes Worth It?

The codes are definitely worth it. All you need is to obtain the free Xbox live gold codes       and then you’re able to take advantage of all the features that come with the subscription service.

Even if you don’t play online, it’s still good to have a membership because of the free games that can be given to you. You may not be able to play all of those games but still, you have them on hand; that means they’ll always be there should you choose to play those games.

Remember that most of the things nowadays are paid for, and that you rarely get anything for free. So if you’ve been given a chance to have a paid membership yet not pay for anything, then why not grab the opportunity, right?

The codes are not just for games. You’ll get a lot from them, so don’t be afraid to have them. It’s not too difficult to obtain them anyway, so give it a try. Who knows, you might end up enjoying the games? Soon you’ll see yourself spending hours and hours of playing, downloading free games and taking advantage of the discounts. That’s when you’ll realize the codes are indeed worth it.


To make the most of your gaming experience with your Xbox, you have to obtain Xbox live gold codes. You get a hold of these codes by going to reliable sites that provide such information, and then enter them in your Xbox. Once you’ve entered all the necessary codes, you can then start playing all your favorite games and even play them with your friends.

With your Xbox live codes, you’ll gain access to both new and attractive offers and this makes the gaming part a more fun experience. With the codes, you’ll look forward to the games available for you to download every week. You’d also have front seat access to discounts, beta versions and a lot more.

Aside from those perks, you also get to have workout videos. You have access to trainer-led exercise routines. Who says you only spend your time gaming while sitting down? Be fit just by having access to Xbox live gold. And you’ll have access through the codes you receive and enter on your console.

If you’ve got the chance, then go for the yearly subscription to save time and effort. You’ll be able to make the most out of the service for less effort, right?

Don’t be contented with just having the basic stuff. Don’t be left behind. As days pass, this membership becomes more and more popular and attractive; be a part of it by having Xbox live gold codes.